Curve Correct vs NailEase: A Review of Home Treatment Products for Ingrown Toenails

Just about everybody dreads the prospect of enduring surgery for ingrown toenail removal. Whether it is the fear of pain, concern about missing work and wages, or the belief that the cost is too much for them to handle, individuals suffering from ingrowing toenails often seek alternatives to ingrown toenail surgery.

Though there are a variety of options available we are going to look at the two most popular products on the market and review their strengths and weaknesses. These products are called Curve Correct and NailEase.

First, I will explain how these products work. Then I will describe each product in detail before finally concluding with a summary and recommendation.

How do products for home treatment of ingrown toenails work?

CurveCorrect and NailEase are very similar products that operate much the same way. They actually work much the same way the Breathe Right strips work. If you have watched any football games you may have seen athletes use this product to keep their nostrils open and allow the body to inhale oxygen faster and more efficiently.

The Breathe Right nasal strips
were originally invented as a non-pharmaceutical sleeping aid. Individuals who suffered from congestion or other nose conditions that constricted their nasal passages (and ability to breathe easily) would place these strips that look kind of like nose bandages laterally across their nose. The strips were made out of a material that naturally wanted to revert to a flat resting position. This pulling pressure on the nostrils caused them to flare open while the strips were held onto the skin with an adhesive.

CurveCorrect and NailEase work much the same way with your ingrown toenail. You place the brace on your toenail with some adhesive. The brace pulls the outer edges of your curved nails up to alleviate the pressure on your lateral nail wall and reduce the pain. Whereas individuals where the Breathe Right strips overnight or for a limited duration, you actually wear the toenail braces for several weeks at a time.

CurveCorrect Product Description

CurveCorrect, also spelled Curve Correct with the extra space, comes with ten toenail braces per package. Each brace is supposed to last anywhere from 3-6 weeks and customers are advised to replace the brace monthly. Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Women will appreciate the fact that the brace is transparent and invisible.

Moreover, after you place the brace on your toe and let the adhesive cure, the manufacturer states that it is perfectly acceptable to place nail polish on your toes and/or decorate with some nail designs. So, not only can you get near immediate pain relief from your ingrowing toenails, but you can still feel feminine, sexy and free to wear the open-toed footwear you desire.

The manufacturer of CurveCorrect has specially designed components that are made exclusively for their product and sells for approximately $45.

NailEase Product Description

NailEase is sold in a single use package with one toenail brace at a cost of around $15-20.

If you have been a long-time ingrown nail sufferer or have extremely curved nails, this could be problematic. The manufacturer states that the bonding agent for the brace can last anywhere from 3 week to 3 months and that new braces should be applied at intervals of 2, 6 and 12 months, depending on your specific toenail condition.

Additionally, the NailEase strip only comes in one color, black. However, the manufacturer states that you can also cover it with nail polish.

Reviews & Recommendations

Clearly, the products are very similar with near identical approaches to solving your ingrown toenail problem.

However, customer reviews for each product show some stark contrast.

Amazon customers express a near unanimous endorsement of the product with many them expressing absolute amazement and success with their product. There are two primary reasons for negative reviews:

  • some people who love the product still complained about the price tag and just generally felt the product was overpriced relative to the components in the packaging
  • a few people had difficulty applying the brace and getting it to adhere to their toenails

Based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews, I suspect that these are just a few isolated incidents of misapplication and failure by the customers to follow instructions. However, CurveCorrect offers a 110% guarantee so even if you have some issues with it you can return it without any issue.

Unfortunately for NailEase, the customer reviews on Amazon are much harsher. Though some report success, a higher percentage stated they had difficulty getting the brace to stick to their nail and there were a number of people saying they threw the product away or returned it.

Given the fact that it only allows for one use many people find the product to be ridiculously overpriced, even more so than the CurveCorrect product. NailEase does offer a 100% guarantee.

CurveCorrect or NailEase: Which one is right for you?

For most people reading this review, I think the best choice is going to be the CurveCorrect product. Though more expensive in the beginning, you are going to save money in the long run if you have serious ingrown nail problems.

Also, the stark black strip in the NailEase product is unsightly for women and men (who like to wear sandals or go barefoot).

I would only recommend NailEase for individuals with mild ingrown nail situations who believe that they can solve their problem with one application. However, given the issues people have expressed having in applying the brace to their nails, I would feel more comfortable practicing with a couple of the strips in the CurveCorrect package because even if you mess up you still have plenty more to last you for several months.

Recommendation: CurveCorrect

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