Foot care advice for new moms and babies

The Idaho State Journal published an article recently on thing we can do to take care of our feet. The article had some pretty fascinating information that I was previously unaware of:

“Pregnancy creates many changes in the body, and can even affect the size of a woman’s feet,” says Dr. Matthew Garoufalis, a podiatrist and president of the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). “And even though newborns aren’t walking yet, it’s understandable that mothers may have some concerns about how to best take care of their baby’s feet.”

The discomforts of pregnancy are common and well-known, ranging from back pain and frequent bathroom trips to feet that are both sore and bigger.

“It’s not at all unusual for a woman to gain a shoe size while pregnant,” Garoufalis says. “Increased weight puts more pressure on the foot, the arch flattens a bit and the foot elongates. Just a quarter-inch increase in foot length is enough to prompt a change in shoe size.”

The article tips are pretty standard.  They encourage readers who are pregnant to do their best to control their weight as much as possible.  Other tips are pretty straightforward and run of the mill discouraging women from using high heels and ensuring that proper nail clipping to prevent your newborn from getting ingrown toenails.

Please take a moment to view the rest of the articles in our Women’s Health section, where we feature discussions on a variety of topics such as whether or not nail designs increase the chances of a woman getting ingrown nails.

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