Ingrown Toenail Surgery Pain: How bad is it?


Most people get a little queasy when it comes to blood and needles and wonder how painful it is to have ingrown toenail surgery.  Ingrown toenail surgery pain is going to vary based on the individual and the type of procedure the doctor needs to perform to mitigate the pain and/or infection of the ingrown toenail. Anyone who gives you an absolute answer isn’t being truthful or honest.

Pain Experienced During Actual Procedure to Remove Toenail

Generally speaking, the majority of accounts submitted by patients on the internet who have had ingrown toenail surgery report that the most painful aspect of the actual procedure is the insertion of the needle used to numb the toe.  Some people report experiencing pain during the procedure on message boards and similar websites. With the overwhelming majority of ingrown toenail surgeries occurring under local anesthetic one wonders how much of this “pain” is attributable to psychosomatic manifestations.  Curiously, one must also speculate as to whether or not they were properly numbed and why they did not inform their doctor about the pain they were experiencing.

There have been instances when I visited my dentist for a filling and even after being given a shot of Novocain to numb the area I experienced pain.  In those instances, he simply gave me another shot of numbing agent and waited a few minutes before proceeding once again.

Aside from tugging and pulling sensations that come with a doctor cutting out your toenail and the pain associated with the insertion of the needle to numb your toe, you should expect to feel no pain during your procedure.

Post-Ingrown Toenail Surgery Pain

There is going to be pain and discomfort.  There is no way of getting around it.  With that said, most people will experience mild pain, discomfort and annoyance that can be adequately dealt with via over the counter pain medication like Tylenol.

With temporary nail removal for minor instances of ingrowing toenails, you are going to be able to walk out of the doctor’s office under your own power and without the need for crutches or walking aids.  The pain will subside over the next few days and usually be totally gone after about a week.

ingrowntoenailsurgerypainWith a matricectomy when the nail is permanently removed you can expect the pain threshold and duration to be higher and last longer.  There will be deep incision(s) and stitching. It is not uncommon for patients to significantly modify their work environment for at least two weeks to accommodate their condition.

You can read one person’s descriptive account of their ingrown toenail surgery experience here about their ingrown toenail surgery experience.