Staph Infection Ravages NFL Locker Room

Lawrence Tynes is a kicker in the National Football League with 10 seasons under his belt.  Earlier this offseason, he was signed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when their kicker tore his Achilles and was done for the year.

Shortly after signing with the Bucs, Tynes developed an ingrown toenail on his kicking foot.  As alluded to previously, ingrown toenails can occur when there is physical trauma of some sort to the toe.  For example, someone might stub their toe on a coffee table leg or furniture.  In this instance, a kicker is repeatedly crashing their foot and toe into an object (the football).

What makes this particular situation involving Tynes’ infected toenail is that he contracted a staph infection inside the team’s locker room.  This staph infection is very serious because it is resistant to antibiotics and not healing.

Tynes was signed July 17 after kicker Connor Barth tore his Achilles tendon before the start of training camp. Tynes, a 10-year veteran, was expected to compete for the starting placekicker role with Derek Dimke, but Tynes developed an ingrown toenail on his kicking foot shortly after his arrival that became infected with MRSA, a staph infection that is unaffected by some antibiotics. He required surgery last week but has not returned to the Bucs’ facility. Meanwhile, Nicks, who developed a blister on his left foot, has remained out since the MRSA infection was revealed but has received treatment in Tampa.

And Tynes’ wasn’t the only individual contracting the staph infection.  Another player appears to have acquired the infection by way of a blister on the foot.  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers responded by extensively sanitizing the facilities.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened in an NFL locker room:

[T]he Cleveland Browns had an instance with the careers of former Giants wide receiver Joe Jurecivius and center LeCharles Bentley; infections that nearly caused a loss of leg and life as well. Both had a lawsuit filed against the Browns and settled with the team as a result.

Hopefully, Tynes starts responding to treatment soon.  Obviously, staph infections are fairly rare in a relative sense. However, even while suffering from an ingrown toenail condition at home it is imperative that you take action and proactively deal with the issue before it becomes a much bigger problem.  The cost of ingrown toenail removal is relatively minor and it is foolish to avoid tackling the matter head-on.  Moreover, though there is some pain associated with ingrown toenail surgery — the pain and stress of serious infection is far greater and the consequences of neglecting your health can even lead to toe amputation.